I'm a specialist digital expert

I help you find the right digital strategy
Digital marketing is determinant to keep up with the competition in the modern corporate world. Implement the various techniques of digital marketing with due care, and watch your business reach higher echelons of success.†

It's never mattered more. The web, search, email and social media have become the critical tools every firm has to get right. Yet most digital strategies deliver less than half their potential. Why?

My name is Loredana Gentile, as a specialist digital expert since 1994, through the years I helped companies, agencies, brands, business services and governments in finding the right digital strategy.

With my skills I supported the building of new online entertainment sites in finding new ways to connect with customers, creating information that got them discovered in search engines, up to building a platform for the shift in their business to become web centric. And that's what I do for my clients.

Today I'm a professional who now share my knowledge and skills with others. I help companies in getting it right. Along the way Iíll coach your leadership team to build their knowledge and intuition for their future digital strategies. My pledge is to work with you to create practical solutions to the challenges you and your team face; generating knowledge I make it accessible and transferable.

Typically Iíll also give you a wealth of other ideas along the way, all with the confidence that comes from working with people who have decades of experience in digital media and marketing.
Because I'm independent from the global agency groups or technology vendors, youíre also guaranteed about impartiality - something critical when the direction of your business is at stake.

The world of business is changing fast, I help brands get the most from digital channels, content, communities and customers.
Digital marketing and strategy is now an agenda item in every board room and I am here to help your team get it right.

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